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A little while back, we asked our community for music recommendations & we listed down a few fresh picks.

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A Texan trio rooted in classic soul & RnB infused with psychedelia, dub and music from around the world.

Listen to: So we won’t forget


Don’t let the modern taboo of the word, ‘pop’ mislead you–this band & their pop music send off pure emotion with every track played.

 Listen to: Lightenup

phoebe bridgers

Music stemmed from her dreamy and hook-filled indie-pop heart, this singer-songwriter writes about twentysomething realness.

Listen to: I see you

jc stewart

Hailing from North Ireland, this singer-songwriter’s sound carries a stirring presence and a heartbreakingly soulful voice.

Listen to: I need you to hate me


Through nostalgia and people from their past, this indie-pop duo gives you a look into their whimsically romantic world with mesmerizing melodies and painstakingly crafted lyrics.

Listen to: Taxi


A band that shifts from vintage country rock and the melodic side of indie rock to slick and pop-oriented sounds.

Listen to: Darlin’

jacob collier

Fusing together elements from all types of genres, this multi-instrumentalist can also sing in just about every vocal range there is. 

Listen to: All I Need (with Mahalia & Ty Dolla $ign)


Although brewing together hazy folk R&B and emotional truth-telling lyrics, Dijon sticks to his own thing—being true to his sound.

Listen to: alley-oop

lianne la havas

 Driven by emotion, this multi-instrumentalist marries a unique blend of soul, folk, and jazz with ageless grooves and a golden voice.

Listen to: Bittersweet


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