“The 'ODD CURE' is a record I didn’t want to write but needed to.”
Oddisee talks his latest EP, and the meaning behind his favorite lyrics

Words by Kat Tabora
Art by Elaine Quion & Vianca Caballero
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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rock the music and entertainment industry, artists have taken this time to reflect and create—for rapper and record producer, ODDISEE, coming down from the highs of tour, he sought this as time to be with his wife and daughter. 

The weeks progressed, and with social changes emerging, a new record was born from a place of fear and worry—Oddisee’s ODD CURE EP explores the cause of many inequalities present today as well as providing a soundtrack to our thoughts, hopes, and dreams.

In between each track of Odd Cure is a skit of you checking up on your family and friends, we felt it’s only right to check up on you as well—so how have you been, with all things considered? 

I’ve been well, thank you. Blessings come in disguise, not being able to travel has given more time with my family. I love having a routine, I feel less distracted these days so it’s easier for me to stick to my schedule & get things done.

You mentioned Odd Cure was a record you didn’t want to write but needed to—what was the trigger point that finally drove you to get up and create? Can you tell us about your work process?

It never feels good to see history repeat itself negatively. We’ve experienced pandemics & social injustice before. There have been a plethora of songs dedicated to the same adversities over the decades. It’s saddened me to make yet another musical contribution to the question that never seems to get answered, why don’t we care? I was motivated to write this album because I feel it’s my responsibility to reflect the times.

music is a great tool for entertainment as well as education

The whole record came together in under 8 weeks all while being in isolation and quarantine, did you find it challenging to write music that will outlive this period in time? 

Definitely, it was something that I had to remain conscious of. I chose to use metaphor when describing our current world. This way, if things change, the metaphor can be applied to something else. The fact that there will always be a “something else” is what makes music seem prophetic at times. 

How do you want your listeners to feel when listening to Odd Cure?

I want listeners of my work to feel however they wish. Art starts with intention & purpose but it always evolves through interpretation. I encourage that interpretation. Hearing how others consume my work helps me grow.

Lastly, what lyric from Odd Cure would you say encapsulates the main message of your record?

behind the lyrics

The Cure

Lyric 1:

Rich enough to be protected from who’s elected/

Black enough to be respected but still messed with/

Class allows many people the ability to be judged positively or negatively by their appearance alone. No matter my class, simply because of my skin color & features, I’ll be seen as a person not worthy of basic respect.

I Thought You Were Fate

Lyric 2:

I think I can move things with my, mind/

Like my hands and my feet, no magic to produce things/

I always look for real life, practical solutions to my problems. I believe there is something very beautiful in the human ability to imagine something and then bring it to fruition. 

Still Strange

Lyric 3:

Took you for granted, only now I understand it/

Gone in the wind and now the wind just makes me panic/

Functions such as breathing are often overlooked as a normal part of life but during these difficult times of Covid-19; the very same thing that gives life carries an airborne illness. 

Oddisee’s Odd Cure EP is out now
(guaranteed no skips!)


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