Australia-based acoustic & folk band, Woodlock, is back in the scene with a recently launched six-track EP, entitled, Collateral. Read about their journey to finally releasing fresh music that touches on art, vulnerability, and hope.

Words by Jia Torres
Art by Pauline Ramos
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You have probably been wondering what Woodlock has been up to over the past few years or if they would ever release new music after such well-received tracks and tours around the world. If you have been keeping up with them online, they have been teasing and giving fans a sneak peek into this by performing on livestreams, recording covers, and sharing some personal milestones in their lives that ultimately led to this long-awaited moment of releasing a brand new EP. It has been 4 years and the trio could not be more excited to share with you a collection of songs they say is, what the world is in sore need of.

Congratulations on the new music! It’s been quite a while. How have you guys been?

Bowen: We have been doing well, we all moved back to the small town we meet. Being closer to family has been nice as Eze has had his first child with his wife Hannah. Moving from the city to the country has also been a nice change of pace and even more so with the craziness of 2020.


Despite the circumstances, you’ve just released a new EP, Collateral, after 4 long years! What were your biggest takeaways over that break? Did these shape your songwriting process for this EP?

Zech: A lot has happened for us in that time, and we have grown and learnt a lot, so it is hard to narrow it down to a few things. But I would say the greatest lessons that these last four years have taught us is…
–  Surround yourself with people who will lift you up, but also challenge you.
–  Struggle creates strength
–  Weakness is not asking for help, its being complacent with something that can be changed.

Because we tend to write about things in our lives, they are present in all the songs and saturate the EP.

What made you decide that 2020 was the year to put out new music?

Eze: We have been holding on to this music for some time waiting to get the right label and management team behind us. It really felt more like when we found those missing puzzle pieces it was how can we get this out as quick and effective as possible, and 2020 happened to be the year.


The music videos you’ve released from your new songs, Start Again and Superhero, both share visual prowess of striking imagery with a colorful soft-tone palette but paired with deep emotional lyricism, almost like a juxtaposition between those two elements. What’s the meaning behind the art direction you’ve decided on for these videos?


we have always loved mixing art in with our music

and we felt that these songs’ themes and stories could be better portrayed in art form, as they are deep intense emotions that everyone will feel in their life.

art and music are an amazing way to express feelings and themes in a way that all ages and types of people can appreciate

and if you can see the videos and understand the meaning behind the song in a personal way to you, I think they have done their purpose.

You’ve also recorded a couple of covers from fellow Australian artists which we’ve been loving but we’re curious—have you guys explored the Southeast Asian music scene? Tried listening to any Filipino artist?

Bowen: No we haven’t! Most of the songs we have covered have been either friends or artists that have influenced our music. But please we are always open for new tunes to listen to or even cover so if any come to mind, we would love to hear them!

For your Filipino fans who have longed for some fresh music since you last visited at Wanderland 2017, this new EP could truly become a Superhero of their own during this unprecedented time. What is the power behind this EP that you hope resonates to your listeners?

Zech: I think the vulnerability of it speaks volumes. Particularly on the subjects the songs broach. For me I would like it to meet people wherever they are at in their personal journey and provide a sense of hope. I think that it is something the world is in sore need of.

Hear it for yourself, stream Collateral EP now