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things our team wishes lasted just a bit longer

With everything at a standstill, we couldn’t keep ourselves from going down memory lane--we asked the Karpos team what they missed the most about our shows! Here’s what they had to say:

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What I miss about Karpos shows is seeing this talented, hardworking group of people make something out of nothing—all for one great night of music not just for us but for fellow music fans. (I also miss having the best seat in the house. 😢)
– Shieka Niez

I miss the way live music creates connection. There’s something about swooning to live music and it suddenly reaches you. You don’t think of anything else but vibe to the sound and let it speak to you. It’s a beautiful feeling, and it’s what I miss the most.

– Elaine Quion

Losing my mind when I find out my favorite artists are even better live 🤯

– John Uy

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Definitely seeing people coming together to enjoy live music + each other’s company–moments like this in the future will surely be cherished!!! 

Nicole Uy

A thing I miss…I could say the whole Karpos Live experience, but especially one moment before the artist interviews. We were waiting for the hours to pass, I took a break backstage and sat on the ground. It was Munimuni’s soundcheck with Clara Benin. Sitting there listening, I remembered why I loved the song (Solomon) and why hearing it live, especially at soundcheck, makes it all the more authentic—just you being there with the music.

– Vi Caballero

One of the things I miss the most is bumping into a teammate mid-show either by the entrance, backstage, or somewhere in the crowd and exchanging that same look of joy of seeing everything come to life and you guys enjoying the show (then shortly realizing that it’s time to go back to work! lol) 🤍

 – Jia Torres

I miss the early days—when it’s still your secret to keep! When a new project begins, it opens so many doors for promotions, content, and conversations! I miss the thrill of announcing a new show as much as seeing an actual show!!

– Kat Tabora

I miss the vibe and the energy while watching live shows – it’s incomparable and i can’t wait to experience it again <3 – Nath Limbo

Covering the shows will always be an experience to remember—the thrill of seeing your fave acts up close, singing-along (while working) with your teammates, & simply enjoying the atmosphere of live music 💙 There’s no better feeling that at the end of every show, you realize that you were part of the team that made it all possible!

– Andrea Castillo

What I miss the most about our shows is getting to enjoy amazing music with amazing people.
– Eya Mac Yee

What I miss about live shows is definitely the atmosphere of each show. Even though I’ve been to a lot, it’s still pretty exciting to witness the moment the lights go out and hear the scream of the audience get louder as the artists get on stage. The connection and togetherness of people seeing their artists live, and artists interacting with their fans is truly special and I miss that moment.

– Vermeer Crisostomo

What I miss the most about our shows is definitely seeing everything planned, from technical equipment to on-ground activations, come to life as our concert goers experience a really good time.

– Mond Arboleda


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