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In the comforts of her own home, R&B/soul singer-songwriter, Bea Lorenzo, has been hard at work with in-house music production—starting a video series of live performances, and even releasing her latest single, Kapalaran, a story of heartbreak disguised with light and upbeat grooves and harmonies. Read on to see how the past few months have been like through her own eyes.

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Since settling back into your family home, how have your mornings been like?

Apart from enjoying a big silog-style breakfast, my mornings are made special with doses of early morning sunlight from walking my dog up and down the street.

Who were your pivotal influences growing up? And do they differ from now?

The Sound Of Music, Moulin Rouge, Adele, Sarah Vaughan, Jason Mraz, The Beatles and more. I come back to the same artists and musicals but the way I enjoy music has evolved with growing attention for certain details I didn’t always look out for. It was always a song’s vocal energy that would win me over – but these days my mind flies to chord progressions, honest songwriting, and artists that go against what’s familiar.

Is there a certain look you go for to get into the mood to write/create music?

Now that I think about it, I really do like empty spaces. I love the illusion of a blank canvas. But I’m usually satisfied working anywhere quiet and particularly prefer to write when nobody is around too.


On a scale of 1-10, how challenging was it to create Kapalaran completely from home? Can you walk us through the process of how the song came to be?

With ten being the most challenging, seven maybe? Producing and recording the track were the fun parts. It’s the finalizing that’s always the hardest to do. I found myself repeatedly returning to the driver’s seat just to road-test mix/master revisions, each time hoping I don’t get tired of hearing the song.

We’d love to know what makes the lanai a very special place for you! Can you walk us through it?

Besides being the room where Lola’s upright piano was kept, the lanai also was often the space in the Lolo’s house that was least likely to be occupied by others (except during Noche Buena on Christmas Eve). In that privacy and silence, I found my love and confidence for singing and songwriting. 


What piece here makes you feel the closest to your Lola?

Chopin’s “Nocturne in E Flat Major!” I remember finding the piece in the storage tucked under the piano bench. My Tita, who heard me learning it, came in to tell me that Lola would play it all the time.


How is the set-up while filming The Lanai Sessions episode?

It’s nothing grand at all! I don’t own my own tripod so apart from borrowing my Tita’s, I’ve had to stack chairs and boxes to get the second camera at an acceptable height. There’s no air-conditioning in the lanai so in between takes I’m wiping off a sweat mustache. Haha


Can you tell us anything about the next Lanai Sessions episode?

I definitely want to keep the recording setup simple this time. I’ll most likely be doing a cover for this next one!

Lastly, what would you say is the biggest lesson 2020 has taught you?

I think this year for many people, has themes of “letting go” written all over it. With that, I’m learning to trust in abundance – I find it’s easiest to accept loss when you’ve opened yourself up to giving and receiving infinite grace. Abundance mindset 2020 it is!

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    I love Ate Bea’s music style – very unique, warm, and passionate.

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