With life still on a standstill, we recently checked in on rising Australian artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Stevan. Join him on the journey as he shares what he’s been up to, how many dishes he’s already washed, and to the release of his latest mixtape, Ontogeny. Read all about it below!

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Hi Stevan, we hope you’re well! How have you been since releasing a mixtape, a single, and a collab with fellow Aussie duo, Cosmo’s Midnight, in the span of just 3 months?

Yeah it’s been crazy, I’ve been pretty busy haha! But I’m having a lot of fun and making some great music .

For brand new listeners, what song (or songs) of yours would you recommend them to listen to?

Sia for sure I feel like it’s such a great representation of my songwriting skills at the moment as well as my vocals and production. Also Timee, No More Regrets and On My Mind are some of my other faves.

We loved the quick video of you reacting to your vocals on ‘Ice’. Can you tell us how the song and the collab came about? Walk us through the process.

Well the boys (Cosmo & Pat) sent me an empty instrumental, I think it was just a 1-2 minute demo. But as soon as I heard the beat I knew exactly what to do. The instrumental felt slick and confident so I went in that direction lyrically ice referring to bling that I do not own haha.

As a multi-instrumentalist, can you tell us about the first instrument you picked up?

Drums was the first and it’s still one of my favourites to play. Something about rhythm and the fact that basically the whole body is engaged while drumming just can’t be topped.

Who are your musical inspirations?

Stevie Wonder, Frank Ocean, D’angelo, SZA, Sade, Fleetwood Mac, America, the list goes on.

And how would you say they played a part in helping you find your own sound/rhythm?

I guess through imitation of what they do/did allows me to get closer to a sound that’s my own. And eventually I’d like to be the meeting place of all these great artists and sounds and create something new from their inspiration.

Where do you look for inspiration to create whilst in the middle of a pandemic?

Same places I’ve always looked I think, the pandemic just acted like a microscope for everything. Since life has slowed down it’s easier to notice the good & bad things and inspiration comes from these types of situations for me at least.

Best mood to be in while listening to your music?

Excited! Whenever I’m pumped up music sounds like a soundtrack to my situation almost like I’m in a movie.

Can you give us a hint on what we can expect from you in the near future? 

Only bigger and better things!

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Photo Journal - Life At Home
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