(not so) ODD CURES

by Oddisee

We asked Oddisee to give us a peek into what it's like at home—
especially with the release of his latest album, Odd Cure.

Art by Vianca Caballero

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First things first — how do you like your coffee? 

I enjoy single origin coffee, preferably from Ethiopia and prepared in a pour over style.

Can you give us a look at your home studio? 

I am a minimalist at heart, I don’t believe in buying things for my studio unless I feel as though I need it to do something that I cannot already do. I am happiest while I am in my studio, from my coffee bar to my shisha selection, and my production desk; my space is filled with all the things that bring me joy. 

Is there a certain look you go for to get into the mood to write/create music? (if none, your daily quarantine look)

I treat my work very much like a proper job because, I believe it is. I don’t depend on any external influences to assist my creativity. I wake up everyday to get dressed to go to work and as long as my clothes are clean, I am happy. 

Is there one thing that you started noticing because of quarantine? 

Having no choice but to stay put at home, I started to realize how much time I spent away from my wife & child. I am fortunate that the pandemic has not affected my work but it has given me more time to speak with my loved ones. 

When the tour withdrawals hit, how do you cure it? 

I think I am one of the few artists who doesn’t like to tour. I am very much a homebody and prefer to be at home with my family or to be at the studio. I do love traveling, experiencing new things and seeing the world. This is the longest I have been home in over ten years. I didn’t know how much I needed a break until I was forced to take one. 

Do you own any tour memorabilia? Which one stands out the most? 

I only possess one piece of tour memorabilia. The most important venue in my hometown of Washington, DC is the 9:30 club. It has long been a dream of mine to headline a performance there. On April 20, 2017 ; I played my first headline performance there to a sold out crowd. I saved the ticket stub. 

Who/what gives you the most sense of calm and why? 

My daughter; she has no idea of the world that we are in now or the one that she will one day inherit. As a father, I have no choice but to carry my fears and worries and keep her safe from them as best I can.